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SATURDAY, JUNE 8th  5:15-7PM


Over a decade ago, The Sweet Laurel Berry Band took shape when Kristen Clause (Mrs. Clause of St. Chris Classroom 2B) envisioned some neighbors  providing Rock’n’Roll entertainment for her neighborhood Labor Day Block Party. The original 5 bandmates all lived within speaking distance of one another.  Since then, the band has expanded to 9, and all live within shouting distance of one another!

Without question, SLB is the #1 Rock'n'Roll Band within the two city blocks north of St. Chris and they are pumped to be returning to the 60th Anniversary Festval to perform their mix of Rock and Blues from the 60's on up to current Pop and Country.  All SLB's members have deep roots at St. Christopher Parish and School.

SLB is:

George Clause     (husband of Mrs. Clause @ 2B and SC dad) Guitar

Abe Wagner         (SC ’86 and SC Dad) Keyboards, Harmonica, Guitar, Violin, Mandolin

Michael Mulcahy (SC ’79) Vocals, percussion

Claire Mulcahy     (daughter of Michael) Vocals, Percussion

Casey Shaheen    (SC ’16) Bass, Guitar

Ryan Wright         (SC ’91 and SC Dad) Drums

Luke Clause          (SC ’99) Guitar

Nick Ralston         (husband of Julia Clause, SC ’97 and future SC Dad) Guitar

Brad Tips              (SC Dad husband of Mary, SC ’83) Vocals, Guitar

Special Guest Vocalist:  Tori Coleman

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