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"Many Hands make Light Work"

Thanks for your interest in Volunteering!

Volunteer signups go live on April 12, 2024!

Chairs Needed!

We currently have a few booth chair positions that are currently open and we are searching for volunteers to take on the chair responsibilities. If you are new or have never been to a Festival, do not be afraid as we have playbooks for each booth and a ton of folks that can help get you ramped up quickly. It is a great way to get involved with the Festival and meet new members of this great community! If you are interested please reach out to Paul Knapp ( John Figone (, who is our Game Booth Chair, can also help assist in answering any questions if you are interested as well.

Volunteering Requirements

You must be fingerprinted and have completed Virtus training within the last 3 years. The majority of volunteers completed these items last year and should be good to go for this year. Sherry Riordan will reach out to any volunteers if they need to complete these requirements. 

Fingerprinting Event 4/21/2024

If you are new to St Chris or have not been fingerprinted before, HNS will be hosting a free fingerprinting event on April 21st in the gym following the 9:30am mass and will be open for one hour. So please mark your calendars! HNS will also be hosting our quarterly donut Sunday during this time as well. If you do not attend the fingerprinting session and are in need of fingerprinting, you will be responsible for the cost of the fingerprinting ($65) and will need to coordinate directly with the fingerprinting company to ensure you are eligible to volunteer in time for the Festival. 

Volunteering Links

Thursday, June 6th: Set-Up

Friday, June 7th - Admin, Trash Pandas, Kitchen, Roadies, Tickets

Friday, June 7th - Drinks & Desserts

Friday, June 7th - Food Booths

Friday, June 7th - Game Booths

Friday, June 7th - Traveler's Fun Zone

Saturday, June 8th - Admin, Trash Pandas, Kitchen, Roadies, Tickets

Saturday, June 8th - Drinks & Desserts

Saturday, June 8th - Food Booths

Saturday, June 8th - Game Booths

Saturday, June 8th - Traveler's Fun Zone

Sunday, June 9th - Admin, Trash Pandas, Kitchen, Roadies, Tickets

Sunday, June 9th - Drinks & Desserts

Sunday, June 9th - Food Booths

Sunday, June 9th - Game Booths

Sunday, June 9th - Traveler's Fun Zone

Tear Down Team June 9th & 10th (Sun & Mon)


St. Christopher Community

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