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"Many Hands make Light Work"

Thanks for your interest in Volunteering!

Volunteer signups are LIVE! Sign up NOW!

How much time will I be working?

Most shifts are between 2 and 3 hours. If possible, we'd love folks to sign up for several shifts throughout the weekend. If you can only handle one shift, that's ok too! We will take whatever time you can give!

Drink Cart Chair Needed:

Do you like pouring cold beverages for thirsty volunteers??
Well, you're in luck!, we are still in need of a Drink Cart Chair for this years' festival! 

if you or anyone you know is interested in chairing the Drink Cart please contact Paul Knapp ( or Kelly Hyland  ( For more information


Booth Volunteering Links

Thursday - Set-Up

Friday - Admin, Green Team, Kitchen, Roadies, Tickets

Friday - Drinks & Desserts

Friday - Traveler's Fun Zone

Friday - Food Booths

Friday - Game Booths

Saturday - Admin, Green Team, Kitchen, Roadies, Tickets

Saturday - Drinks & Desserts

Saturday - Food Booths

Saturday - Traveler's Fun Zone

Saturday - Game Booths

Sunday - Drinks & Desserts

Sunday - Food Booths

Sunday - Admin, Green Team, Kitchen, Roadies, Tickets

Sunday - Game Booths

Sunday - Traveler's Fun Zone

Sunday & Monday - Tear Down


Reminder: Volunteering Requirements

you must be fingerprinted and have completed Virtus training within the last 3 years. The majority of volunteers completed these items last year and should be good to go for this year. Sherry Riodan will reach out to any volunteers if they need to complete these requirements. 


St. Christopher Community

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