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The history of volunteerism at St. Christopher is extraordinary, and differentiates our community from most other schools and parishes in the area.  It is also what builds ties and close friendships within our community, relationships that will support you through the inevitable challenges we all experience in life.  Many parishioners and future parents work their first volunteer shift at St. Chris during a Festival, and there is no better way to get involved in our community and have a blast doing it!


Thank you so much to the volunteers involved in this year’s festival, and particularly those on the Festival Leadership Team running each respective booth and function of the Festival, for the thousands of hours you collectively give to make this event a reality!

If you are looking to get involved at this year’s Festival, please visit iVolunteer, the site we use to organize and track every volunteer shift at the Festival.

If you've never volunteered before, you'll need to complete a background check and class.  Visit the Holy Name Society (HNS) website to learn how to comply.  

In 2017, 835 Volunteers worked 5602 hours at Festival!


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